About IP telephony

What do we know about IP telephony system?

IP-connection (IP) is carried out through landline telephone lines integrated with the Internet connection using IP-gateways. The system involves ordinary telephones; voice signals are modified by the gateway into digital data packets. Each packet is transported through IP to a subscriber located anywhere in the world. Many different packets can be moved along one line at the same time, however, the quality and speed of their transportation is regulated by the congestion of the channel – sometimes distortions and data loss occur. Is there an option for organizing alternative, even better, high-speed telephony? Yes, it is a SIP communication system.

SIP-telephony also provides transfer of digital packets over the Internet, but the quality of this connection is much better; system crashes and annoying data loss does not happen here. The virtual numbers involved in the SIP system do not differ from simple telephone numbers. The difference is only in the method of signal delivery. SIP, which is a text, is used to organize communication sessions, including multimedia conferences.

What is more beneficial for the customer: configure IP-telephony or connect SIP-connection?

Nowadays, many companies in the world use inexpensive and convenient office IP-telephony. SIP connection is even cheaper.

Connecting IP-telephony from VitGrand allows you to:

  • save on local, long-distance calls and international calls;
  • organize remote work (set up call forwarding, connections from the WEB site).

SIP-telephony allows to customer:

  • use the benefits of cheap connection;
  • conversations inside of the company are free of charge;
  • receive incoming calls on the desktop (through the client program);
  • expand the number of lines as needed, adding them by “one click”
  • interact with virtual PBX, perform call forwarding.

«VITGRAND» Holding offers following services of telephony connection:

  • International calls;
  • Classic IP telephony.
  • Via a SIP phone, telephone adapter or softphone;
  • IP-telephony on a cellphone;
  • Phone numbers
  • Vitrual PBX
    and may other services which you can find here

More information about IP telephony you can find here

Vitgrand managers will give you all necessary information about the features of each type of telephony. To do this, dial one of the contact numbers or leave a request.