Autodialer system

First of all let’s define the concept of auto dialer. This is the functionality provided by special automatic dialer programs.

Benefits of autodialer:

• Fully automated process of calling subscribers on ready-made databases;

• Multi-channel auto redial – simultaneous operation using a reverse transition from record to record;

• The possibility of high-speed mailing;

• Quick dial-up of subscribers, the ability to increase speed by increasing the number of dialed lines used by the program, and using other communication channels.

The principle of operation of auto dialer program is next: in order of priority, it tries automatically reach the subscribers in automatic mode, making a sequential switching from one number to another.

The main reasons why most entrepreneurs switching to the automation of the processes of their own call centers are:

• rational use of human resources;

• process automation;

• cost savings;

• growth in business profitability.

Who needs an autodial system?

Beauty salons, dental clinics, car services, online stores and many other businesses needs to  call their customers. To confirm the appointment time, clarify the details of the order or offer a new service – all this requires telephony. Its not a problem if there aren’t too many customers. But what if a business requires more than hundreds of calls per day? Here is a small example with an online store.

After placing an order on the site, customer’s information is sent to call center. The operator must call him to confirm an order. But customer may be busy, be in international roaming or simply don’t want to answer on call from unknown number. We can imagine a million of such situations. All this time the operator will wait on the line. Alive person by the way. And he receive salary for this time. Money of the company by the way. Don’t you feel sorry?

How in our opinion looks a right call-center?

While the robot is making calls, a human is resting and at this time receives a profit. We taught the VITGRAND’s robot to call customers by itself: CRM automatically dials subscriber and makes connection of subscriber with operator without participation of a human source – it’s a perfect model for building of any business!

Important! The automatic dialer program allows you to make fully automate calling process to customers! Using this function, you can build a successful business model for a call center, online store, online banking or other structure that requires to make a calls to potential customers /subscribers base.

Every successful businessman should understand that as long as  making calls to customers  is depends of human , a business by default cannot be effective. You say – my business brings me income, why should I buy an automated dialer system when my people work well. We will answer simply – by switching to call automation, you will understand that YOUR BUSINESS HAS NOT WORKED BEFORE. And all because while the person decides – to call or to go with a colleague to talk about life or to take a coffee, the robot is making calls to customers.

Operating modes

Depending on your goals, the automatic dialer function can be configured for different modes: progressive, predictive and preview. We will tell you in detail about each mode.

Progressive – It’s a mode in which the system tries to make calls with the maximum number of telecommunication channels. Ideal for autoinformation, as everything happens in automatic mode, operator’s participation is not needed

Predictive – this mode is used to reduce waiting time for the operator while connecting to the client. All subscribers who answers the call are automatically connected to the operators. Built-in special algorithms, based on data of number of free operators, taking in considiration average call duration and the number of successful connections. Such algorithms create a predictive model of number of calls that need to be made. More operators and calls, more statistics and more accurate forecast. The effectiveness of this mode increases in a large call center. However, in this model there may be loss of successful calls, since during the time of connection there may not be a free operator and the client can be busy with his own things and he will not wait for connection.

Preview. The call is initiated by the operator. This mode is effective in that that operator doesn’t need to press the phone buttons and hold the handset while subscriber is answers on incoming call. The mode is basic for all call centers.

The listed modes can be combined, and for one type of customer to apply one mode and for other type of customer another one. For example, depending on the customer’s position in the “Purchase funnel”, apply the Progressive mode to him: “thank you for using our services” and invite him to further cooperation.

Basic possibilities

Most systems already have a set of basic features mentioned in this article that a company that implements automatic dialer programs should have. Its should be paid a close attention to the presence of such functionality when choosing a specific solution provider.specific solution provider.

Selecting a dialer scenario. The scenario lays flexible logic in the dialer. For example, you have several different telephony providers, then you can use any of them depending on the client’s phone number. If the number is landline – Operator 1, if mobile – Operator 2.

Scheduled calls. You can set up an auto redial schedule. If the company provides regular work, for example, a haircut at the hairdresser or cleaning the apartments, you can call the client a month after the service is provided to offer to refresh your hair or wash the windows. And in this way you can wish a happy birthday.

Set the Calls Interval. Set a valid time interval in the settings of the dialer. If the client in personal conversation or when filling out the questionnaire indicated the preferred time for the call, then indicate this in the system and call. It is important not to forget about time zones.

Consecutive dialing on several numbers. If you know several customer’s numbers, the system allows you to configure the sequence of calls for sequential dial. Only we must tell you that it is not known whether the client will be delighted with such persistence or not.

Individual greeting. For each customer, you can set an original greeting. For example, to thank for the purchase someone who has already used the service or goods or welcome by good discounts future customer.

Connecting a subscriber to IVR menu. The dialer system can redirect customer to an automatic voice menu. For example, you need to collect feedback after a patient visits your dental clinic. You can ask to rate your service from 1 to 10 and write down a comment. Or simply to say thanks.

In the voice menu, at the same time as collecting feedback, customer can be invited to use your service again and immediately make next appointment.

Ability to duplicate notifications by e-mail or SMS. In addition to voice communications, SMS and e-mail notifications are also possible. For example, if a customer dropped a call at the time of auto redial, then you can write him by mail and SMS that you will call him again. You can also send directions to your location by mail. 

Logging of work, collection of statistical information. You can record a call, check the operator’s work or evaluate the effect of a marketing campaign in the autodialer system. And then, based on the collected data, build reports, graphs and get an idea of ​​the performance of your company or your call center.